Monday, September 27, 2010

Hotel Marion after James Dean Fest.

On Friday night we played at the Hotel Marion in, you guessed it, Marion, Indiana. It took forever to get out of Cincinnati, so my dreams of stopping at Popeye's were entirely destroyed. After the 3 hour drive, (we knew we were getting close when we started to see hot rods everywhere) we pulled in around 7:30 to find that we were playing in the "fancy room". That's good, 'cause we liked the "fancy room."

We had a pretty rowdy crowd. Which is always good. For anyone out there who intends to be an audience member at any point in the future, your applause and cheers are really what drives the band to have "energy". It's a symbiotic relationship, it is. We ended up doing a few songs more than once because of requests. Hot rodders are awesome.

With the way things are going right now, it looks like we may be getting even more work in that area. We're looking forward to it.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Brad Koonz for filling in on upright bass.

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